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This is your gateway to the lecture notes and spreadsheets used in this class.

The spreadsheets are

  1. AnalyzeThis Spreadsheet
  2. Formulas Spreadsheet
  3. Means Spreadsheet
  4. MechanicsRUs Spreadsheet

The AnalyzeThis Spreadsheet lets you enter raw data and perform statistical analysis on the data, including hypothesis tests, confidence intervals, one-way and two-way ANOVA, simple and multiple regression, Cronbach's alpha, tests for inter-rater reliability, and simple tests for validity.

Formulas Spreadsheet performs many of the same tests, but assumes that you have summary data rather than raw data.

Means Spreadsheet calculates means, standard deviations, simple regression, and does various calculations regarding percentiles.

Finally, MechanicsRUs Spreadsheet analyzes an example related to Simpson's Paradox.

The lecture notes are all stored in Adobe PDF format. The first column is a PDF file with one screen per page, suitable for viewing on your computer. The second column is a PDF file with four screens per page, suitable for printing. It is recommended that you print the notes before class and take notes directly on your printed copy. You can download the complete set (291 pages), or you can download the notes one chapter at a time.

Lectures, one screen per printed page Lectures, four screens per printed page
Complete set of notes (large file!) Complete set of notes
Introduction Introduction
Graphs Graphs
Means Means
Standard Deviations Standard Deviations
Proportions Proportions
Normal Tables Normal Tables
Percentiles, part one Percentiles, part one
Percentiles, part two Percentiles, part two
Distributions Distributions
Foundations of Research Foundations of Research
Research Methods: A Research Methods: A
Research Methods: B-D Research Methods: B-D
Experiments Experiments
Sampling Sampling
Surveys Surveys
Confidence Intervals Confidence Intervals
Hypothesis Tests-Means Hypothesis Tests-Means
Hypothesis Tests - Proportions and one-sample tests Hypothesis Tests - Proportions and one-sample tests
Analysis of Variance Analysis of Variance
Correlation and regression Correlation and regression
Regression Regression
Inter-Rater Reiability Inter-Rater Reiability
Reliability and Validity Reliability and Validity
Two-way ANOVA Two-way ANOVA
Contingency Tables Contingency Tables

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