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This site has been successfully tested on Mozilla Firefox and Epiphany running on SUSE LINUX 10.0. It has also been successfully tested on Mozilla Firefox and on Microsoft Internet Explorer v6 running on Microsoft Windows XP. Opera and Konqueror are not supported on any platform.

Every effort has been made to comply with W3C standards although no warranty is made that any browser or operating system will successfully access this site. Early browsers do not have robust scripting or CSS support. For this reason the interactive features will not work on browsers older than MSIE 5.5 and Netscape 6, nor will the pages be properly styled. The pages should work fine on all releases of Firefox.

The interactive modules and the calculator are written in ECMAScript more commonly known as Javascript. The menus are primarily styled using Cascading Style Sheets based on ideas published on BrotherCake.Com.

The pages are given a common style by using shared header and footer files and cascading style sheets. All files are given a DTD (doctype declaration) to place browsers into W3C standards mode as opposed to the individual browser's "quirks" mode. This simplifies styling the site, although browser compliance with W3C standards varies -- by one count there are over 250 possible combinations of web browsers and operating systems! This is further complicated by the fact that there is not currently a standard for opening XML files, hence browser-specific hacks seem to be required. That is why browsers such as Opera, Konqueror and MSIE for MAC O/S are not currently supported on this site. If a set of users wishes to have a particular browser and O/S combination supported, the author will consider requests, time permitting.

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