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The study guide is a hold-over from the hand-held calculator incarnation of the course. The instructor no longer recommends this as a resource. The current version of the lecture notes provide a more complete and thorough coverage of the material. The study guide continues to be temporarily available on this site only for users still using the older versions of these materials.

This is your gateway to the Study Guide for this class. The guide is stored in Adobe PDF format suitable for printing. The Guide provides a written exposition on the material covered in class and additional worked problems. The Guide also includes additional material not covered in class such as the one-way and two-way tables.

At a minimum, students should print the tables in the appendices and bring them to class. These tables will be used in solving problems.

Descriptive Statistics
Means and Variances
Using the Calculator
Normal Tables
Sample Design
Confidence Intervals for Means
Confidence Intervals for Proportions
Hypothesis Tests for Means - I
Hypothesis Tests for Means - II
Analysis of Variance
Hypothesis Tests for Proportions
Hypothesis Tests for Correlations
Linear Regression
One-Way Tables
Two-Way Tables
Appendices A-C
Appendices D-E
Apppendices F
Appendices G-X

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